Terms and Conditions

  • Initial Contact:
    Please ensure you have reviewed our prices and familiarized yourself with these terms before using the
    Contact Form.
    While our email server boasts high security measures, should you require end-to-end encryption for particularly sensitive data, kindly inform us prior to transmission.

  • Assessment:
    Once we have gathered the technical details of your project, we will assess its feasibility, availability, and security before proceeding further. This evaluation typically takes a few hours.

  • Payment | Escrow Services:
    All transactions must be conducted using cryptocurrency.
    Additionally, customers opting to engage an independent Internet Escrow Services should ensure that their chosen service is located outside the jurisdictions of the United States, Canada, or Europe, as these regions are subject to regulatory oversight.


  • We exclusively communicate through encrypted email or in person during the European BlackHat Conference.
  • We exclusively accept payments through cryptocurrencies.
  • We will not target high-level government employees or corporate CEOs.
  • We will not target children.